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Problems faced by parents during school admission of child

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Facing challenges during nursery admission of your little one? Every second parent on the planet faces this dilemma during the admission season. Admission in the best school in your city is not less than any nightmare for a parent. Various government policies and school admission processes leave the parent bemused, making them unable to make the right decision.

Our country has different types of schools- private schools, public schools, government schools, and government-aided schools. Here is a guidebook for parents belonging to General Category, Economically Weaker Section (EWS) & Disadvantaged Group (DG). Please note that the information provided on this page has been curated from the practical experiences of Indian parents and not on theoretical examinations only.

Some Common Problems That Parents Face During School Admission

School admission is one of the hardest parenting challenges. Here is a list of some frequently asked questions by parents during the school admission of their pupil.

Should I send my child to a private school or a government school

You can get your child admitted to private school, public school, or a government school depending upon various aspects. All types of schools are superior over one another provided that the child gives his 100% efforts towards his studies.


I belong to the minority class. Should I get my child admitted to a minority school only?

Minority schools are the schools that are built particularly for the welfare of minority communities, like Sikh, Muslim, Christian, Buddhists, Parsis, etc. These schools have gained freedom from the government to reserve a minimum percentage of seats for minority category students, instead of reserving a 25% mandatory quota for EWS/ DG category students, provided that the school land is not allotted by the government. Please note that the Disadvantaged Group includes the applicants belonging to Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST), Other Backward Classes (OBC), Children with Special Needs, Orphan, Transgender, and Children living with or affected by HIV.


I am a government servant. Will I get any reservations for my child’s school admission?

Govt servicemen like armed forces / paramilitary forces/ central services / all India service can select a school like Army Public School, Police School, etc. as there are reserved seats for government employees in such schools. Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) are specially meant to provide quality education to the wards of Central government employees and army men (including ex-army men) at affordable prices. There are no specific reservations for the wards of govt. servicemen in a private school.


How can I get a school admission form for my child?

You can either download the form from the official website of the school or can get it from the school reception. 80% of schools are now following the online admission procedure which makes the whole process hassle-free. Application forms for EWS & Disadvantaged Category students are available on www.edudel.nic.in and at school reception.


Will I get a refund of registration form cost or admission fees if my child doesn’t get admission to the school?

The cost of the admission form is not refundable but any admission fees paid by parents are refundable if the admission of the pupil is canceled due to failure of submission of documents by the due date, the information provided by parents to the school authorities is found false at a later stage, or due to any other reason.


Do I need to submit a hard copy at school reception if I have already submitted the soft copy to the school website?

This varies from school to school. The school (like missionary schools) may ask the parents to submit the printout of the form submitted online along with the required documents at the school reception. On the other hand, private schools (like Delhi Public Schools) ask for submission of online forms only along with a soft copy of required documents. Hence, you should confirm with the school authorities about their requirements. Parents belonging to the EWS/DG Category who have applied through edudel website need to visit the school only at the time of draw of lots & admission.


Do schools provide any receipt or confirmation slip on successful submission of the application form?

Yes. All private unaided schools share a Unique Registration Number (URN) with their applicants as an acknowledgment. You can take the print out of URN or can collect it from school reception (as per school requirements).


Is it possible to make changes to the online application form after submission?

No, most of the schools don’t allow any modification in the application form after submission. Parents are advised to submit all details correctly and carefully to avoid any problems.


I have twins. Will my twins get the benefit of the sibling category? What are the selection criteria for twins?

A child gets the advantage of the sibling category only when another child (brother/ sister) from the same parents is already studying in the same school. The selection criterion for twins is school-specific. The school may or may not give any advantage of a sibling or first child to the twin applicants.


What should be the minimum qualification of parents to be considered as an alumnus?

This is again a school-specific query. Some schools ask for a Class X mark sheet while others ask for a Class XII mark sheet to recognize you as alumni.


Is Aadhar Card and Birth Certificate mandatory? What is the document required during registration?

Yes. Aadhar Card and Birth Certificate are mandatory and are demanded by all schools at the time of admission. You can check here the list of documents required during registration.


Final Word

Don’t make an attempt to satisfy your ego while selecting a school for your child. Most of the parents try to send their ward to a highly reputed and expensive school just to boast among their friends and relatives. Extreme pressure of academic and co-curricular activities leaves the children with depression and anxiety. Education is neither a competition nor a synonym of pridefulness. Take the decision according to your financial conditions and for the benefit of your child.


Do you have any other doubts or queries? Post it in the comment section below and we shall provide you a prompt reply for the same.


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