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How to select best school for your child near your area?

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Looking for the parameters to consider before selecting a school for your child? What is the best way to evaluate a school? Nursery admission to the best school in the city is one of the most important factors of parenting. Studies reveal that only 12% of children change their school after getting admission to Nursery class. Changing school frequently affects a child psychologically to a certain extent. Hence, a solicitous parent should research various factors while choosing a good school for their little one.

What to look for while choosing the best school for your child?

One of the biggest dilemmas for parents is- How to know which school is best for their child near their house? Here are some tips to know if a school is good or not. These tips are based upon the practical experiences of parents and should be kept in mind while selecting a school.

Type of School:

There are mainly three types of schools- Day Schools, Boarding Schools, Residential Schools, and Day  Boarding Schools. Day Schools are the most common type of schools in India. Day Boarding Schools  should be selected if both parents are working and nobody stays at home to look after them. Boarding  Schools and Residential Schools indulge a habit in the children to do their chores on their own and  reduce their dependability over others. Choosing the right type of school entirely depends upon your  availability of time, and the level of dependency and liberty you want to give to your ward.


More than 80% of parents prefer a school near their locality. It saves time, transportation cost, and  exertion of your ward. There is less probability of getting any contagious disease if you select a school  that is close to your location as they don’t have to use the school bus or cab. Location is the most important factor when choosing a school for your child if the school follows a point system.

Gender specific:

Some parents prefer to send their ward to a co-educational school while others prefer an ‘only for girls’ or  ‘only for boys’ school. Though this is a personal pick of the parents, we prefer choosing a co-ed school  over  a single-gender school. Co-education helps children feel more comfortable while interacting with   another gender in the future.

 Board Affiliation:

There are mainly 5 types of board affiliations in India- CBSE  (Central Board of Secondary Education), CISCE  Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations), IB (The International Baccalaureate), IGCSE  (International General Certificate of Secondary Education Cambridge University), and State Board (State Government Recognized Board). The selection of board entirely depends upon your likings and budget. A  CBSE school can be considered as the best board school on the ground that it provides quality education   on low budget. You can opt for CISCE, IB, or IGCSE if your pocket allows you.

School Management:

The management of the school is also of the most important criteria to evaluate a school. Private schools   are most popular among Indian parents. Defense background management schools (like Army Public   Schools and Police Public Schools) are also the best type of schools for your child if you belong to defense   background. Government schools (like Navodaya Vidyalaya and Kendriya Vidyalaya) are not much popular   in  our country.

Fee Structure:

Fee structure is another most important factor to consider while selecting a school for your little one.   Annual  fee structure of the school is a major criteria as a parent must be able to deposit their ward’s fee at  time.

 Miscellaneous factors:

Other important things to evaluate a school are-

  • Infrastructure
  • Academic achievements and performance of the school
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Additional languages taught (especially foreign language)
  • Security and safety
  • Highest class in the school
  • Transportation facilities


Do you still have any doubt that which school is right for your child near your locality? Drop your query below and we shall be happy to help you.

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